SiC Maui retail/demo centre in london and scotland

Why ride SiC paddleboards?

We believe that paddling is better on the right kit and SiC is it!

SiC Maui design and build the very best stand up paddle boards and that is backed by their dominance in racing, downwind paddling and sup surfing around the world.

That said, this same quality filters into their inflatable sups and all round paddle boards that are designed and built to elevate your paddling experience.

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The annual Supconnect Gear of the Year Awards are comprised of 9 gear categories and an additional Overall Gear Winner. Award winners are decided through feedback from voters, retailers, the Supconnect editorial team, and the Supconnect advisory board. Find out why Supconnect selected the Okeanos and RS as Gear of the Year award winners below.

“When you can’t get a board out of your head because you remember how much fun you had on it you know you’ve come across something special. The Okeanos has been that board in 2019,” writes Supconnect. “The Okeanos is a beautifully done touring-specific paddle board that is versatile in use allowing for a guaranteed good time. It has a great platform for gear; it’s stable; has great glide; comfortable deck; nice handle and stunning graphics.” 

The SIC Maui Okeanos has left a lasting impression here at Supconnect and is ultimately why we’re giving it the Supconnect Gear of the Year Awards 2019 for Overall Gear of the Year.”


We’re proud to be the only UK based SiC Maui approved Glide Center.

This means you have the chance to test these amazing boards right here with us and see why they’re the very best.

So, whether you’re on the hunt for your first inflatable board or are looking to take your paddling to the next level with a downwind board, a versatile flat water board, or you’ve just always wanted to try stand up paddling, now is your chance to demo SiC Maui boards.