We don’t just stop at great shapes, we invest in the technology that brings them together.   With a range of constructions and materials we’re confident that the performance delivered will impress!

Space Tec

ST (Space Tec) construction, utilizes a polymer outer skin for impact resistance which is then thermo-formed over fiberglass and a closed cell EPS core for incredible durability

Single carbon composite + Innegra

SCC+ (Single Carbon Composite + Innegra™), which combines a full wrap biaxial carbon fiber and Innegra™ reinforcement on the tip, tail and rails as well as an additional biaxial glass rail reinforcement, high density PVC deck reinforcement.

Glass composite + Innegra

GC+ (Glass Composite + Innegra™) a double wrap fiberglass composite layup, oak laminate reinforced top, lightweight EPS core, Innegra™ tip, tail and rail reinforcement.

Double carbon composite + Innegra

DCC+ (Double Carbon Composite + Innegra™), which combines two layers of biaxial carbon fiber on both the top and bottom of the board and additional Innegra™ reinforcement on the tip, tail and rails. It is further reinforced with biaxial glass on the rails.

Tuff wood carbon

TWC (Tuff-Wood Carbon), Molded biaxial glass composite with an uni-directional carbon rail stiffening/reinforcement and a reinforced tuff-wood deck - Light weight/molded eps core

Glass composite

GC (Glass Composite), Double wrap fiberglass composite - Reinforced tuff-wood deck (F12, F14, have pvc) - Light weight cnc/eps core

Glass carbon composite + Innegra

GCC+ (Glass Carbon Composite + Innegra™) which features a double wrap fiberglass composite layup, oak sandwich top, carbon reinforced standing area, co-mingled Carbon/Innegra™ reinforced rails

Vortex tech

Vortex™ construction with Vectra Ply reinforced polyethylene skin, FCS Fusion compatible quad / tri fins, Dullies™ composite reinforced stringers, leash plug.

Stringer support tech

The new DST combined with a double reinforced rail construction and six-inch drop stitch constructions provides the ultimate in rigidity. Rigidity translates to stability, speed and control. DST also helps to maintain a consistent rocker line providing the most streamlined inflatable possible.

Fusion skin technology

FST (Fusion Skin Technology) is the best material to build an inflatable, offering the stiffest board at the lowest possible weight at 15-20 psi.


The mission with the ALL NEW and patented F.A.S.T. (Foot Actuated Steering Technology) was to revolutionize the same steering that SIC created in the beginning. The new system is focused on durability, reliability, serviceability, and flexibility. It features a hot-swappable tiller arm that can quickly and easily be swapped for goofy or regular footed paddlers. 

Of course it also needed to perform as well or better than the original system, which is hard to do, however, after more than 2.5 years of development we confident that we exceeded all of the key design and performance requirements.