Mako SUP Foil

Mako SUP Foil


The focus of the SIC Mako foil is to launch up onto the foil with ease. Compared to SIC’s Manta surf foil the Mako is longer in order to gain speed under paddle power, as opposed to having the push from a swell or wave.

The Mako is slightly narrower than the Manta but has 10 liters more volume to support the paddler’s standing weight.

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The nose has a more sleek and pointy design to be more forgiving and to surface faster if the board purls. The general dimension and foam flow distribution enhance fore and aft stability and the bottom rail chines help to mitigate board catapulting when you touch down and during steep turns. The contoured deck increases side to side stability.
SF2 construction

Technology: Superfly

The board is wrapped in co-woven kevlar/carbon weave as foiling introduces new challenges in terms of to take load from the foil and the impact from the paddle. 

This construction address weight, strength and durability like few if any other boards on the market. 

These boards are moulded to ensure great lamination strength and that every board is precisely like the master shaped by Mark Raaphorst.

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7'8 x 29.5