Marlin SUP Foil

Marlin SUP Foil


The Marlin is designed to make early planning easy thanks to a deep center step channel, similar to on the RS but much deeper. There are two primary goals of this deep step channel.

As well as SUP surfing and Foil surfing, there is also a sail mount for windfoiling.

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The first goal was to build up a high pressure at the center line of the board, creating lift, in order for the board to get on foil early.

The second goal was to ensure that the angle of the bottom boxes were parallel to the deck standing area allowing the board to fly level when on foil. When using Marlin as a SUP, the overall volume and width to give the paddler ample stability, allowing the paddler to get through shore break and into the lineup with ease.

The rocker and quad-fin setup provide great manouverability on the wave face and the overall rocker and outline provide great speed and agility down the line.

The ratio of the length, width, and volume will help to decrease the learning curve and bring on the fun factor in no time.

SF2 construction

Technology: Superfly

The board is wrapped in co-woven kevlar/carbon weave as foiling introduces new challenges in terms of to take load from the foil and the impact from the paddle. 

This construction address weight, strength and durability like few if any other boards on the market. 

These boards are moulded to ensure great lamination strength and that every board is precisely like the master shaped by Mark Raaphorst.

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7'8 x 29.5