This touring and fitness board paddles with ease and is capable of maintaining a fast and efficient glide. The nose chine in the bow helps to soften the ride in rough waters and track extremely well under power in wind and cross-chop.

The generous tail width and full, squared up rails help make this board very stable. The wide point in the front section of the board has been shifted forward which also adds to the overall stability.

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Okeanos DF

The Okeanos, one of the most exciting boards that SIC launched in 2019, has quickly been hailed as one of the greatest new fitness and touring boards on the market. These boards have hardly been able to stay on the rack in stores which is great because the Okeanos is even more beautiful on the water. 

Named after the ancient Greek god of the sea and the NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer located in the middle of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, the purpose of the ship “Okeanos” is to systematically explore our largely unknown ocean for the purpose of discovery and the advancement of knowledge. A fitting namesake for this board as it too is designed for discovery and adventure.

DF construction

Technology: Dragon Fly

The DF construction with a full oak wood veneer wrapping the core – tip-to-tail / 360-degree rail-to-rail wrap replaces SIC’s former TWC construction and takes strength and durability to a whole new level.

This construction offers durability at a very economical price. The board is wrapped glass and with the full wood wrap on the rails replaces the need for Innegra™. 

These boards are also molded for strength and shape Consistency.

EZ Grab handle

It’s all in the detail:

The EZ-GRAB handle is comfortable and makes picking up your board as easy as possible. A deep circular cored out area that allows for your fingers to easily grasp the handle and carry your board.

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DF – Dragon Fly


11'0 x 28, 12'6 x 27, 12'6 x 29, 14'0 x 26, 14'0 x 28