RS Air Glide

RS Air Glide


The RS Air-Glide series has just gotten even better, lighter, and faster. It gets its dimensions from the award-winning RS composite boards which have been translated into the RS Air-Glide geometry.

These boards continue to serve up only the best in displacement shaped, all-water, multi-discipline inflatables. These are the most competitive – yet fun – performance fitness, touring, and race boards on the market today.

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RS Air Glide isup

Race + Performance Fitness + Touring.

People with limited storage space. Travelers who want to fly with their equipment.

Inflatable pack includes board, leash, wheelie backpack, dual action pump and repair kit with spare fin plates.

Air Glide construction

Technology: Carbon Fusion Lite

This is the newest and lightest Fusion skin material on the market. This material has a lightweight, low-stretch, high tensile skin which is heat fused onto the back of the outer PVC outer skin.

This stiffer skin, when inflated combined with the compound curves of the rails makes this board super stiff at only 15 psi although the board can also be inflated to a maximum of 20 psi.

The carbon fused PVC belt on the top and bottom of the board provides increased longitudinal stiffness for one of the most high performance paddling inflatable on the market today.

Caring for your board

Inflatable sup user guide:

Points to be respected to maximize the lifespan of your inflatable Air-Glide Stand-Up-Paddle :

  • Do not exceed the maximum recommended inflation pressure.
  • Re-inflate and check the pressure before returning to the water.
  • Check the tightness of the valve regularly, using the tool supplied with the board, and re-tighten when necessary.
  • Don’t carry the board on top of your car/vehicle when inflated.
  • Rinse your board down regularly with tap water, and especially when putting it away for winter etc., paying particular attention to the valve.
  • Avoid rolling your board too tightly when putting it away in its bag after use.
  • During winter, keep your board very slightly inflated, store it flat, out of direct sunlight and in temperatures not lower than 0°C.

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CFL – Carbon Fusion Lite


11'0 x 24, 12'6 x 29, 14'0 x 26, 14'0 x 28