For first-timers to families, fitness buffs, fishing and yogi’s, the Sage series is designed to inspire confidence and deliver performance for a wide range of SUP disciplines, paddler abilities, styles and of any shape or size including beginners up to 350 pounds.

With a flat deck area and multiple deck attachment points it’s easy to customize the board for your intended use and with  a generous 34” wide and 230L volume you will experience superior stability and gain confidence in your paddling ability.

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Sage GC+

With a flat deck and multiple tie-down points, it’s easy to customize the Sage for your use. 

With a comfortable width of 34″ and a volume of 230 litres, the Sage provides excellent stability. You’ll feel confident on the board no matter what your level is. 

The shape of its unique nose combined with a flat middle section and tail, offer stability and ease of glide. The Sage will therefore allow you to raise your rowing level in all circumstances. 

The Sage is offered in a Glass Composite + Innegra ™ (GC+) construction, which allows for a lightweight board without sacrificing reliability.

GC+ construction

Technology: Glass Composite + Innegra

Wood Sandwich – Based on the GC+ these boards have a very durable performance layup for a great feel through the water and lively performance in the waves. 

This construction features an oak full wood sandwich with glass wrap on top and bottom. The rails, tip and tail are further reinforced with fibreglass and twill glass and Innegra™ weave for maximum durability, damp flex and lively feel in the waves.. The deck also has carbon reinforced standing to mitigate heal dents without adding meaningful weight

EZ Grab handle

It’s all in the detail:

The EZ-GRAB handle is comfortable and makes picking up your board as easy as possible. A deep circular cored out area that allows for your fingers to easily grasp the handle and carry your board.

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GC+ Glass/Innegra


10'6 x 30, 10'6 x 34, 11'6 x 30