Slice Pro

Slice Pro


The Slice Pro made its debut in 2019 with great success in high performance SUP surfing. These boards are of course shorter and lower volume so they are perfect for the grom or advanced paddler with cat-like balance. With lower volumes and aggressive shapes, these boards are ready to rip!

We are confident that these boards will put the stoke under the feet of the best soul surfer to those paddlers looking for a board to compete at the highest level. The Slice Pro is not for beginners.

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Slice Pro

The rails have been profiled allowing you to edge into the face of the wave and slice through the water when powering through your turns.

These boards are perfect for paddlers looking for the very best performance and not worried about stability – they’re NOT FOR BEGINNERS!

GCC+ construction

Technology: GCC+

Glass Carbon Composite + Innegra™ GCC+ This SIC’s performance surf layup light enough for the pro’s and able to take the blow’s. This construction features an oak wood sandwich top and carbon skin on the bottom. 

The rails, tip and tail are reinforced with additional fiberglass and co-woven Carbon/Innegra™ for maximum durability and also give the board a nice flex and lively snap out of the turns. The deck also has carbon reinforced standing to mitigate heel dents without adding meaningful weight.


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GCC+ Glass/Carbon/Innegra


6'10 x 24.5, 7'4 x 25.5, 7'8 x 27, 8'2 x 28