The Slice is a performance surf SUP for the rider just getting into SUP surf as well as advanced recreational and competitive paddlers. Nothing was held back on the performance characteristics, so make no mistake, these boards rip.

Not everyone has balance like a cat or can paddle with the board submerged to their knees, so we focused on stable shapes and volume distribution down the center line of the board giving you enough float to comfortably paddle out to the break and stand tall in the lineup.

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The Slice comes in 4 different sizes.


8'6 GCC+
  • Length 8’6″
  • Width 28.0″
  • Board weight 18.7 lbs
  • Volume 125L
  • Max Rider Weight (kg) 86.2
  • 4+1 Fin (FCS2/U.S. Box compatible)
9'0 GCC+
  • Length 9’0″
  • Width 29.0″
  • Board weight 19.8 lbs
  • Volume 135L
  • Max Rider Weight (kg) 90.7
  • 4+1 Fin (FCS2/U.S. Box compatible)
9'6 GCC+
  • Length 9’6″
  • Width 30.0″
  • Board weight 21.0 lbs
  • Volume 145L
  • Max Rider Weight (kg) 95.3
  • 4+1 Fin (FCS2/U.S. Box compatible)
10'0 GCC+
  • Length 10’0″
  • Width 31.0″
  • Board weight 23.1 lbs
  • Volume 155L
  • Max Rider Weight (kg) 104.3
  • 4+1 Fin (FCS2/U.S. Box compatible)

The Slice comes with:

  • GCC+ glass carbon composite + innegra

  • 4+1 Fin (FCS2/U.S. Box compatible)

  • Diamond groove textured pad

  • Gore-Tex™ breather vent

  • Leash plug

  • Action camera mount on nose

The Slice comes with:

  • Slice GCC+ board
  • 4+1 Fin (FCS2/U.S. Box compatible)

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The rails have been profiled allowing you to edge into the face of the wave and slice through the water when powering through your turns.

These boards are perfect for paddlers looking for stability without sacrificing performance. The Slice Performance is built in SIC’s Glass Carbon Composite + Innegra™ (GCC+) construction.

GCC+ construction

Technology: GCC+

Glass Carbon Composite + Innegra™ GCC+ This SIC’s performance surf layup light enough for the pro’s and able to take the blow’s. This construction features an oak wood sandwich top and carbon skin on the bottom. 

The rails, tip and tail are reinforced with additional fiberglass and co-woven Carbon/Innegra™ for maximum durability and also give the board a nice flex and lively snap out of the turns. The deck also has carbon reinforced standing to mitigate heel dents without adding meaningful weight.


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GCC+ Glass/Carbon/Innegra


10'0 x 31, 8'6 x 28, 9'0 x 29, 9'6 x 30


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