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We’re stronger paddling together!

Mark Salter

I was delighted to win the GB Sup Technical Series (especially being a predominantly inland paddler from Nottingham). I also came a close 2nd place in the GBSUP Distance series.

Racing bio

2019 Race Results

2019 was my first full race season and the first one with a carbon board. I competed in the 12’6 category which was fantastic fun.

I was delighted to win the GB Sup Technical Series and also won 2nd place in the GBSUP Distance series.

My national wins in 2019 were:

1st place in distance race and also 1st place in the technical races at ‘The Celtic Cup’ in Cornwall

1st places in distance race and also 1st place in the technical races at ‘SUP The Creek’ in Kingsbridge

1st place at ‘Head of the Dart’ in Dartmouth

1st place at the ‘Cardiff International White Water Fest’ in Cardiff

2nd place at ‘Battle of the Thames’ in London

2nd place at ‘Paddle in the Park’ in Nottingham

I competed in the team events at The SUP Club championships with a 1st place win and got through to the men’s sprint elite final.
I my first endurance event at 11 Cities in the Netherlands.
Summary: 7 x 1st Place results, 2x 2nd place results.

2020 Race Results so far..
2020 is looking to be a short season (at least in the UK) but I’ve entered two regional races for the first time on a 14ft board with a 1st Place and a 2nd Place.

I entered my first USA race on a borrowed 14ft SIC RS board, in the Florida Paddle League, winning 2nd place at the ‘Treasure Coast Paddle Battle’ in Fort Pierce. It was a great experience to mix it up with the USA racers on their waters.

Summary (so far): 1 x 1st Place results, 2x 2nd place results.

Total Placings So Far – Summary
9 x 1st place medals and 3 x 2nd place medals.

Next Planned Events (subject to change due to travel restrictions)
GB Sup National Series, SUP The Creek

UK Endurance Series

Colwyn Bay, Hayling Island and Bucca Kri – UK ocean races
Alpine Tour Canal De Savieres, France

Other Paddling Credentials

I’m a qualified Life Saver with the Royal Life Saving Society.
I help to coach at my wife’s SUP School in Nottingham, ‘SUP Fitness UK’.
I contribute to Stand Up Paddling Magazine.

SUP, Outside of Racing

As well as SUP racing, I really love to adventure. My wife Cassie is an excellent endurance paddler and coach. Having paddled across Scotland together, we’re planning that trip again as soon as we can get back on the water. We’ve also discussed paddling the Yukon River Challenge together. My ultimate goal would be to paddle over 1,000km through Europe.

We’ve been fortunate to paddle in amazing countries. From remote islands in Cambodia to Corsica, Greece, France, Slovenia and Ibiza. Florida is our home-from-home, where spend a lot of time in winter in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

The UK has some of the best paddling in the world though. We spend a lot of time on the canals and lakes of England, Wales and Scotland. Cornwall and The Lake District are two of our favourites.

Extract from SUPM UK Magazine

SUP Ethos
I’ve only positive things to say about SUP– from the health benefitting, stress relieving, scenic adventures that I’ve been fortunate enough to partake in, to the thrill of racing, it’s just the perfect way to spend free time. Paddle Boarding brings people together – The friendships that we’ve made; we never would have met such a wonderful and kind set of people without Paddle Boarding. We’re blessed.

Thanks & Praise

I’d very much like to thank and appreciate the organisers for the events. The GBSUP Series events in particular are outstanding and for all of us that race, we’re having the time of our lives. Please keep doing what you do for many years to come.

Praise also to my wife Cassie Salter who dedicates every single day to growing the sport. She’s a superb coach and positive influence on many people’s lives. She’s built an awesome community in Nottingham. It’s a massive friendship group who support and cheer-on at the races. It’s amazing to hear that when you’re on the water. It really keeps you going.

SIC Team Riding

I’m extremely excited to race with and represent SIC Maui as a new team rider. It’s a beautiful looking brand with the highest quality kit and boards. I was a huge fan of them since trying one when the APP visited London in 2018. Seychelle very kindly lent me her 14×23 in Florida and I was hooked. I now ride the 14×23 SIC RS on choppy days and the marvellous 14×21.5 SIC RS for flat events. The support from SIC.Maui.London has been exceptional.

Instagram @saltersup #boundbywater
For lessons the in Nottingham area it’s: #TeamSUP